Ed Miliband Says Labour "Needs To Change"

In his first big speech as party leader, Ed Miliband has said Labour "needs to change."

He said they had to face "painful truths" - including the failure to recognise immigration concerns.

Mr Miliband urged "responsibility" from unions and businesses and added the UK's involvement in the Iraq war was wrong.

He also promised "different ways" of doing politics.

Mr Miliband, who won the leadership by just over 1% of votes, emphasized his role as part of Labour's "new generation".

In the speech, which had a "tone of humility", he clearly signaled a move away from the policies of the old Labour government.

He sympathised with "anger at a Labour government that claimed it could end boom and bust".

On Monday, he told reporters: "New Labour was right for its time and there are many aspects of New Labour that we will retain, like the idea that we appeal to all sections of society, that we are for wealth creation as well the distribution of wealth...

"It's about us showing to the country that we understand why we lost the general election and us showing humility to the country. I think the country are more interested in what I have to say to them rather than details of the shadow cabinet."

In his latest speech to the Labour conference, David Miliband said the party now has a "great leader" in his younger brother Ed.

David Miliband is now considering whether to serve in the shadow cabinet.

He said he would take his time with the decision and speak to colleagues regarding the next step. There is a possibility he will be offered the shadow chancellor's role.

Nominations have now opened for the 19 shadow cabinet posts which are elected by a ballot of MPs. The vote takes place until 7 October.


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27 September 2010
David Miliband Says Party Now Has A "Great Leader"
In his latest speech to the Labour conference, David Miliband has said the party now has a "great leader" in his younger brother Ed. The shadow foreign secretary, added "I'll be fine" before calling for party unity and receiving a standing ovation.
08 October 2010
Miliband Appoints Shadow Cabinet
Ed Miliband has appointed his new team for the shadow cabinet. The former Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has been named as Shadow Chancellor. Mr Johnson will play a key role as Labour develops its economic strategy. Ed Balls will become Home Secretary, while his wife Yvette Cooper, has been appointed Shadow Foreign Secretary.
14 February 2013
Miliband Says Labour Govt Would Re-Introduce 'Mansion Tax'
Ed Miliband has announced that a Labour government would aim to reinstate the 10p starting rate of tax. Scrapped by Gordon Brown in 2008 Mr Miliband said it was a "very bad mistake" to get rid of it and the move would send a "clear signal" his party was on the "side of working people".
29 September 2010
David Miliband To Set Out Future Plans
Former Foreign Secretary, David Miliband is due to make a statement regarding his future, later today. He has until 5pm to make a decision on whether to serve under his brothers Labour's leadership in the next shadow cabinet.
28 September 2011
Miliband Admits Fiscal Crisis 'Down To Labour'
Financial matters have been at the heart of Labour Leader Ed Miliband's agenda for the future - but has also come to the forefront on past mistakes. He has denied that his Labour conference speech in Liverpool - where he attacked "predatory" firms and a "fast-buck" culture - was "anti-business".