Wikileaks Highlight 'Criticism Of UK'

According to the Guardian, UK operations in Afghanistan have come under fire by US State Department files released by a whistle-blowing website.

The latest data, published by the Wikileaks website, criticises David Cameron and inappropriate remarks by the Duke of York regarding a law enforcement agency and foreign country.

The Foreign Office warned that publishing the files risks national security.

However, Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the United States said the leaks were embarrassing but, in political terms, would not "make any difference at all".

He added: "What I do expect is in London and Washington that people would look very carefully about how they communicate electronically and protect the archive where it needs to be protected.”

The leaked US embassy cables reportedly include Afghan government corruption, accounts of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia urging the US to bomb Iran, Iranian attempts to modify North Korean rockets as missiles and alleged links between the Russian government and organised crime.

The UK Ministry of Defence had urged newspaper editors to "bear in mind" national security implications regarding publishing information, while the US government has warned the leaks would threaten global counter-terrorism operations and jeopardise relations with allies.


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