Student Fees Court Battle Fails

A legal battle against the raised cost of tuition fees in England has been lost on Friday morning.

The legal challenge had been brought by teenagers, Callum Hurley from Peterborough, and Katy Moore from London, who both claimed the decision to allow fees to rise breached human rights and equality laws.

However, a spokesperson for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills welcomed the decision saying they were pleased the Court rejected the suggestion the student finance reforms breached students’ human rights.

“The Court recognised the consultation and analysis we carried out. It also recognised the extensive debate which took place, both inside and outside Parliament, on how those from disadvantaged backgrounds can be encouraged to enter higher education.

“Accordingly, the Court has not agreed the claimants’ request to quash the regulations, which set out tuition fee limits. This means that students and universities have the certainty to plan for the next academic year, and the Government’s higher education policies remain the same.”


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