Thousands Gather To Protest Student Fees

A march in protest against the rising cost of university and further education is imminent as thousands of students gather in the capitol.

It is the first national student protest since a wave of unrest over tuition fees two years ago.

It was organised by the National Union of Students (NUS), with support from other groups.

The NUS published a survey suggesting voters have not forgiven MPs who broke election promises over raising fees.

"Education should open doors, but the government is slamming them shut," said NUS leader, Liam Burns.

"The damaging effects of recent changes to education have restricted access for future students and created new barriers for those currently studying," he said.

The protest march, which will pass near to the Houses of Parliament, is an attempt to put students back on to the political agenda - raising concerns over the impact of higher fees and the loss of financial support such as the education maintenance allowance.

They will also highlight concerns about the lack of job opportunities for young people.

It marks the second anniversary of a protest against tuition fees in November 2010, which drew 50,000 students and saw a violent attack on Conservative Party offices in Millbank.


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11 November 2010
Fifty Arrests Over Student Protest Disorder
A total of 50 people have been arrested for disorder in connection with yesterday's student protest in central London. All were taken to various police stations around London and have since been bailed.
13 May 2003
Tories pledge to scrap university tuition fees
In a gentle change of tack over the past few weeks, the Conservative Party has taken the initiative and published a clutch of policies pledges – the foremost of which is today's plans to scrap university tuition fees and abandon entrance targets.
09 December 2010
Trouble Erupts At Student Fees Protest
Violence has broken out between thousands of students and police on Westminster as talks over plans to treble university fees take place in Parliament. One police officer is in hospital with serious neck injuries, and a mounted officer has been thrown off his horse as the clashes in central London escalate.
17 February 2012
Student Fees Court Battle Fails
A legal battle against the raised cost of tuition fees in England has been lost on Friday morning. The legal challenge had been brought by teenagers, Callum Hurley from Peterborough, and Katy Moore from London, who both claimed the decision to allow fees to rise breached human rights and equality laws.
10 November 2010
Medical Students Join Tuition Fee Protest
Medical students have today joined the National Union of Students (NUS) and University and College Union (UCU) in a national protest against higher education cuts and planned increases in tuition fees that could leave medical graduates facing debts of around £70,000. 

 The NUS say around 30,000 people are taking part in the protest.