Protesters Delay West Sussex Oil Drilling

Protesters have delayed the start of exploratory oil drilling in West Sussex for at least 24 hours.

Cuadrilla, the company behind the drilling, has said that protesters have blocked the entrance to the woodland site near Balcombe.

It follows the stalling of delivery tankers for three days last week by protesters.

At 09:45 this morning the first lorry was able to enter the site after police secured a cleared area following scuffles with protesters.

Permission was given to Cuadrilla to extend the sites operating hours from 13:00 to 16:00, but they stopped sending vehicles in around 14:00.


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25 July 2013
Exploratory Oil Drilling In West Sussex Given Go Ahead
Exploratory oil drilling is to begin in West Sussex. The environment agency have issued a waste permit to energy company, Cuadrilla, allowing it to begin work near Balcombe.
02 August 2013
West Sussex Oil Drilling Ready To Start
Exploratory oil drilling at a site in West Sussex, which has been delayed by protestors for almost a week, is expected to get underway this morning. The website of Balcombe Parish Council says that once energy company Cuadrilla are finished testing equipment they expect work to begin.
30 September 2013
Protesters Begin To Leave Balcombe
Protesters have begun to pack up and leave their anti-fracking camp at an exploratory oil drilling plant in Balcombe, West Sussex. Protests have been ongoing at the site for over two months and began after energy company Cuadrilla was granted a license to begin exploratory drilling.
21 August 2013
Balcombe Protest Camp To Close
An ongoing protest camp in West Sussex over exploratory oil drilling is to close, with the landowners being told that the protesters would leave the site on Wednesday. A number of arrests were made at the Reclaim The Power camp in Balcombe, including Green MP Coraline Lucas, over fracking it was suspected energy company Cuadrilla would carry out.
16 August 2013
Fracking Firm To Scale Back Operations
The energy firm behind controversial fracking works at a site in West Sussex has said it is to scale back its operations. According to the BBC, the company, Cuadrilla, said it made the decision following police advice. The announcement comes as more than 1,000 protestors are expected to descend on the site this weekend in opposition to the plans.