Protesters Begin To Leave Balcombe

Protesters have begun to pack up and leave their anti-fracking camp at an exploratory oil drilling plant in Balcombe, West Sussex.

Protests have been ongoing at the site for over two months and began after energy company Cuadrilla was granted a license to begin exploratory drilling.

The company was not carrying out fracking, but protests were concerned that the exploratory drilling would lead to it, despite statements from the company that they couldn't carry out such work without an additional license.

Having completed it work, Cuadrilla left Balcombe last week.

The protesters have promised to completely vacate the site by October 08 but have vowed to return if Cuadrilla does.


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25 July 2013
Exploratory Oil Drilling In West Sussex Given Go Ahead
Exploratory oil drilling is to begin in West Sussex. The environment agency have issued a waste permit to energy company, Cuadrilla, allowing it to begin work near Balcombe.
29 July 2013
Protesters Delay West Sussex Oil Drilling
Protesters have delayed the start of exploratory oil drilling in West Sussex for at least 24 hours. Cuadrilla, the company behind the drilling, has said that protesters have blocked the entrance to the woodland site near Balcombe. It follows the stalling of delivery tankers for three days last week by protesters.
26 July 2013
Protesters Maintain Overnight Presence In Sussex
An all night protest has been held in a Sussex village over exploratory oil drilling, after permission was granted for a 3,000ft well and 2,500ft horizontal bore. Around 25 protesters formed a chain at the site near Balcombe overnight, according to the BBC.
03 April 2003
Anti-war protesters pledge series of demonstrations
Anti-war protesters have promised to step up demonstrations against military action in Iraq. Several demonstrations will be held over the next 10 days including a Budget Day protest to highlight the war's £3 billion cost. They say public support for the conflict is "slipping fast".
02 April 2003
French anti-war protesters vandalise British war cemetery
There has been widespread disgust voiced today after anti-war graffiti was daubed across a war memorial in France commemorating the sacrifice of 11,000 Commonwealth troops in the First World War.