Badger Cull In Somerset Ends

The pilot badger cull in Somerset ended on Friday 1 November. Environment Secretary Owen Paterson updated Parliamenton the results of the cull following the conclusion of the three week licence extension granted by Natural England.

In the additional three weeks the cull company removed an extra 90 badgers, taking the total across the whole cull period to 940. This represents a 65 per cent reduction in the local badger population.

Before the extension was licensed by Natural England, the advice of the Chief Veterinary Officer was that a further increase in the number of badgers culled after the initial six week period would improve the disease control benefits achieved by delivering greater and quicker reductions in levels of TB in the area. With the further removal of badgers seen, the extension has been successful in meeting this aim.

While conclusions will need to await the findings of the Independent Panel of Experts, current indications also suggest that the pilot has been safe and humane.

An eight week extension to the pilot cull in Gloucestershire granted by Natural England began on 23 October.


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01 March 2005
Badger cull considered in plans to tackle bovine TB
The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has warned that badgers could be culled in order to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB). Defra stressed that scientific, as well as other evidence, was "vital" to solving the problem.
02 December 2013
Gloucestershire Badger Cull Fails To Meet Target
The pilot cull of badgers in West Gloucestershire has not met the 70% target set out by the government. Official figures have revealed that in the additional five weeks and three days of culling allowed, only 213 badgers were killed, bringing the total number to 921. Only 40% were culled during the operation, which ended on Saturday 30 November.
14 October 2013
Badger Cull Extended In West Somerset
Natural England has confirmed that criteria have been met to allow the badger cull in west Somerset to continue under licence. The new licence will allow the cull to continue for three more weeks to help prevent the spread of bovine TB. This extension suppliments the original four-year licence granted in October last year.
09 September 2014
Year Two of Badger Cull Underway
The second year of a badger cull is now underway in Gloucestershire and Somerset. Almost 1,000 badgers are to be killed in the second year of the cull, which started last year in an effort to stop the spread of bovine TB. Some 1,800 badgers were culled in 2013.
29 November 2013
Badger Cull Licence Revoked
The controversial badger cull is to be brought to an end this Saturday as Natural England has revoked the licence. The cull had been due to be reviewed on 18 December, when the extension of its original six week licence was to end. However, Natural England has said that the cull will stop at 12 noon this Saturday as targets are not being met.