Govt To Carry Out New Review Plain Cigarette Packaging

A new independent review of cigarette packaging in England is to be carried out, the government has announced.

It follows previous reviews of how cigarettes are packaged and the influence that might have on young people taking up smoking.

In July, David Cameron resisted calls for uniform, unbranded cigarette packaging, saying that more evidence was needed.

Now, the BBC report that a Downing Street source has said that the issue will be reviewed again and that the government has an 'open mind'.

It is understood that in response to the news, Labour said that immediate action was needed, "not another review".

The introduction of a pilot scheme for standardised, plain package in Australia, the first country to adopt the move, is being watched closely.


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MPs To Vote On Plain Cigarette Packaging
MPs will vote later today, Wednesday, on the proposed introduction of plain cigarette packaging. If passed, the new law will see cigarettes packaging standardised for all brands, with the brand name accompanied by health warnings and graphic photos.
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