Labour Party Executive To Consider Leadership System Change

The Labour Party's national executive committee are expected to consider the proposed reforms to party's leadership elections this weekend.

The party is understood to be considering adopting the one member, one vote system, which would see its 200,000 members have one vote each in elections to select a new leader.

Trade unions however have protested the proposed reforms. The unions make up one third of votes under the current system.

The changes would lessen the influence the unions have on the labour party, a move initially proposed by Ed Miliband in light of the Falkirk candidate selection scandal.

According to reports, some senior Labour figures have raised concerns that implementing the change would result in the unions gaining more control.

The concern comes from the role of associate members of the party.

Associate members pay £3 per year for membership of the party, and would also be entitled to a single vote under the new system.

It is feared that union leaders could register large numbers of associate members and influence votes through them.


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