Bank apologises for Nazi 'Outlook'

The July issue of “Outlook” attempted to make an isolated economic analysis of the Depression-era German economy under Hitler. We have received many letters and calls from people who were deeply troubled and offended by this Outlook, feeling that it glorified, praised or admired an aspect of Hitler’s monstrous regime; and that a reference to “Palestine” was offensive. Neither Dave Raub, the writer of the Outlook, nor Glenview State Bank intended to convey such a message in any way. We sincerely apologize for this error. We did not intend to offend anyone. Please forgive us for this mistake. Attached is a letter from Richard Hirschhaut of the Anti-Defamation League which explains and highlights the issues reflected in the concerns we have heard about the Outlook. As Mr. Hirschhaut indicates, Hitler’s economic policies cannot be divorced from the broader consequences of his monstrous rule. Analyzing his actions through any other lens severely misses the point, and led people to read the Outlook in a way we did not intend.

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