Lottery cash to bring children and WWII veterans together

As the UK prepares to mark the 60th anniversary next month of the end of the Second World War in Europe, lottery grants announced today will be awarded to fund special projects explaining the importance of the victory to today's young people.

The Big Lottery Fund's £10 million 'Their Past, Your Future' UK-wide schools and education scheme aims to give young people the opportunity to learn first-hand from veterans about their experience of war. The Big Lottery Fund is working closely with the Imperial War Museum, the museums, libraries and archives sector and local education authorities to help young people research and learn about the personal experiences and roles played by forces personnel and civilians during the Second World War.

The scheme is part of the Big Lottery Fund's Veterans Reunited programme, which has also funded return visits to wartime sites for more than 25,000 veterans, spouses, widows and carers, and provided grants to communities across the UK to mark the events in wartime Britain 60 years ago.

Stephen Dunmore, Big Lottery Fund Chief Executive said: "With the celebration of the 60th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day next month, now is the perfect time to emphasise to young people the importance of the sacrifices made by those who lived during the Second World War. The Their Past, Your Future scheme will enable thousands of young people to undertake exciting projects that will bring history to life, not just in the classroom but also on former battlefields and in the streets of their communities and cities.

"By talking to World War Two veterans, researching historical events, creating exhibits for their local community and visiting historical sites, young people will be able to preserve the important memories of the war for future generations and learn to appreciate the value of their freedom."


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04 August 2009
More Lottery Cash For Veterans
Veterans of World War II are to receive further lottery cash to allow them to visit battlefields overseas. As news of another big Lottery winner emerged - this time in Northern Ireland where a man has scooped almost £4.
04 April 2006
Anti-war protestors to stage demonstrations at the BBC
Anti-war protestors are planning a series of demonstrations at BBC offices across the UK today. The Stop The War Coalition said that the protests were in response to the BBC's failure to cover a previous demonstration last month, as well as in protest at the "general pro-government bias" in some of its reporting on the war.
09 August 2005
VJ Day commemorations to receive Lottery grants
The government has announced lottery funding for events marking the 60th anniversary of VJ Day across the UK, next week. Nearly 3,000 projects across the UK have received grants from the £17 million fund to help finance specials projects including musical events, re-enactments, aerial displays, street parties, exhibitions and storytelling events.
17 August 2011
'Disaffected Youth' Win Lottery Boost
Ulster projects to improve the prospects of young people not in employment, education or training (NEET) have been awarded major grants from the Big Lottery Fund today.
28 August 2009
BBC Opens WWII Archive Online
A new online archive collection - dating back to 1939 - has gone onto the Internet. It is part of the BBC's plans to mark the 70th anniversary of the Second World War. It includes documents, a new image gallery and 20 rare recordings dating back over the years.
10 November 2004
Remembrance week sees heroes return to old battlefields
As the nation prepares to remember Britain's war dead, the Big Lottery Fund today announced new awards for Second World War veterans to revisit the battlefronts where they saw action 60 years ago through the multi-million pound 'Heroes Return' scheme.
18 September 2014
Police Recover World War One And Two Munitions In Oxfordshire
Police raids in Oxfordshire have uncovered a number of World War One and Two munitions, thought to have been stolen from heritage and protected sites. Police say the discovery was made at a house in Buckingham Crescent in Bicester. A 31-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of theft from heritage and protected sites.
07 March 2014
Huge First World War Training Ground Rediscovered
Military historians and archaeologists are exploring a newly rediscovered old Ministry of Defence First World War training ground in Hampshire, near Gosport exactly a hundred years after the conflict.
25 February 2014
Essex County Council Questioned Over Swastikas
A Freedom of Information request has been made to Essex County Council over swastikas carved into Chelmsford's County Hall. It is understood that a member of public has asked the council to explain the use of the symbol on the building, which was built between 1928 and 1939, shortly before World War Two.
19 August 2013
Whitehall War Office To Be Sold
A Ministry of Defence War Office building in Whitehall is to be sold to support "Defence priorities," it has been announced. The Old War Office was built in 1902 for the Imperial General Staff and was a focal point throughout the major conflicts of the 20th century. It housed numerous secretaries of state, including Winston Churchill.
29 January 2009
Funeral Held For World War I Veteran
The funeral of the last British serviceman to have served in both World Wars has today taken place. William "Bill" Stone, 108, a former chief stoker in the Royal Navy, was buried today following a service at St Leonard's Church, Watlington, in Oxfordshire.
15 June 2006
Charles Taylor may be jailed in UK
The Foreign Secretary has announced that, subject to Parliament passing the necessary legislation, the United Kingdom would allow the former President of Liberia, Charles Taylor, to serve his sentence in the UK, should he be convicted by the Special Court for alleged war crimes in Sierra Leone.
31 May 2006
Protection for Jutland wrecks marks 90th anniversary
New protection for the 14 British wrecks sunk in the Battle of Jutland - the most significant naval battle of World War One - has been announced to mark the 90th anniversary of the battle.
19 January 2004
Hoon meets with Iraq war widow
Underfire Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon is to meet today with an Iraq war widow who has led calls for his resignation.
13 June 2003
Court rules in favour of Gulf War veteran
A British army veteran has won in his bid to be awarded a war pension after the High Court recognised that he had developed a condition resulting from his service during the 1991 Gulf War. Former Parachute Regiment medic Shaun Rusling was discharged from the army on health grounds in 1995 and 'Gulf War Syndrome' was cited as the reason.