US flight diverted in security scare

A flight from London to Washington DC has been forced to land in Boston following a disturbance onboard.

The plane, United Flight 923, left Heathrow airport carrying 182 passengers.

Three passengers were reportedly involved in a confrontation with the crew onboard the flight.

A female passenger was reported to have become "hysterical". It was also reported that she was carrying a screwdriver, vaseline and matches on the flight, as well as a note about al Qaeda.

The plane landed at Logan International Airport in Boston and it is believed that state police took control of the plane after it landed.

Meanwhile, in the UK police investigating the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic flights are to seek more time to question 23 people arrested in connection with the alleged plot.

Another person was arrested in Thames Valley on Tuesday in connection with the investigation.

Searches are also continuing at addresses in High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, as well as woodland in the area.

Under the Terrorism Act 2006, those suspected of terrorist activity can be held for a maximum period of 28 days without charge.

Up to seventeen people are also reportedly being held in Pakistan in connection with the investigation. These include Briton Rashid Rauf, who has been described by Pakistani officials as having possible links to al Qaeda. They believe that he played a key role in the alleged plot, which centred on blowing up as many as ten transatlantic flights, using liquid explosives.

Meanwhile, British Airways, which was forced to cancel a further 46 flights at Heathrow and Gatwick on Wednesday, said that it hoped that normal service would be resumed by Friday.


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