RSPCA Launches Investigation After Brutal Cat Death

The RSPCA has launched an investigation after a vicious attack on a pet cat left it with horrific injuries, resulting in its death.

The ginger Burmese called Miro was found crawling around by a member of the public who took him back to his owner in Stockton-on-Tees.

Vets operated on the animal, but were unable to save him.

It is understood the cat had been shot and stamped on.

The RSPCA has described the attack as "despicable". The cat's owners said they "would not rest" until those responsible were found.
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Owner Linda Stephenson said she "couldn't believe anyone could do such a thing" and "we are devastated".

"Miro was part of our family. What sort of person does something like this?" she said.

RSPCA Deputy Chief Inspector Mark Gent said: "This poor cat suffered a great deal. He died on the operating table as a vet tried to save his life. In the end his head was so swollen he just couldn't breath."

Mrs Stephenson said the family had put up posters in the area where Miro was found.

The RSPCA is a charity funded solely by voluntary donations and legacies.

The charity's vision is "prevent cruelty, promote kindness and alleviate suffering of animals".


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