Brown Bounce Continues

Labour appears to be closing in on the Tory's lead in opinion polls - in what has been referred to as the 'Brown Bounce'.

Figures published today suggest the Prime Minister's handling of the financial meltdown has restored the public's confidence in his party.

Gordon Brown has slashed the Conservative's lead by more than half.

The Independent's ComRes survey put David Cameron's opposition at 39% percent, with Labour following at 31%.

The Liberal Democrats took a 16% share of the poll.

Despite the Tories still pipping the government by 8 points, Labour has managed to reduce the 19-point lead enjoyed by its rivals only two months ago.

If today's figure were replicated in a possible 2010 election it would result in a hung parliament.

The latest poll is bound to be welcome news for Brown's aides, who have witnessed the PM's approval rating fall as low as 20% below Mr Cameron's in recent months.

Political experts are calling the turnaround the 'Brown Bounce'.

Mr Brown's approval rating began to climb after Septembers party conference.

However, further shocks were felt after the true extent of the global financial crisis became apparent.

Prior to his tenure as Prime Minister, Mr Brown was Chancellor for ten years, which has been mooted as his key strength amid economic turmoil.

Opponents have been quick to criticise Mr Brown, who previously declared an end to 'boom and bust' economics in the UK.

ComRes polled 1,001 adults between October 24 and October 26.


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