Surprise Win For Labour At By-Election

Labour has swept to victory at the Glenrothes by-election - a win tipped to go to the Scottish National Party (SNP).

Yesterday, Labour sources mooted a loss at the polls, but today's shock result is expected to reaffirm Gordon Brown's position at the helm of government.

Mr Brown's tenure as Prime Minister was recently subjected to in-party wrangling, following continued falls in public opinion polls.

His handling of the international financial crisis during the last number of weeks has seen Labour climb the polls, closing in on the 20-point lead once enjoyed by the Tories.

Now, only nine-points separate the Conservatives and Labour, however, the government still has much work to do in order to overtake the Opposition, and avoid a possible hung parliament in any future election.

Scottish voters yesterday re-elected a Labour MP to represent the Glenrothes consistency, a seat bookies were almost certain would go to the SNP's candidate.

Labour conceded some votes to the SNP, but managed to retain the Fife seat, which borders the Prime Minister's own constituency, by a 6,700 margin.

The win follows on from Labour's July defeat in the Glasgow East by-election.

Political commentators today proclaimed the success of the so-called 'Brown Bounce'.

Newly-elected Glenrothes MP, Lindsay Roy, praised the party leader in his inaugural speech.

"With Gordon Brown interest rates are at a record low, helping hard-working families.

"With Gordon Brown, Labour has won here in Glenrothes," said Mr Roy, the Prime Minister's former school head master.

He added: "I pledge my support to the leader of this country.

"Someone who has worked very hard on behalf of all of us, not just in Fife, but in Scotland and the UK during these volatile economic times."


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