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About Action Renewables

Action Renewables
Action Renewables is a leading provider of renewable energy expertise. We provide support for renewable energy development, through trading electricity and renewable energy certificates. We also develop and engage in European Projects.

Our vision
To be the partner of choice for sustainable energy solutions.

Our specialist services include:
• Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC) trading, including bespoke off-grid accreditation services
• Road Transport Fuel Certificate (RTFC) trading
• Renewable energy feasibility studies
• Independent technical assessments and due diligence
• Energy efficiency services
• Bespoke research projects
• Procurement management for renewable energy project
• Action Renewables Energy Association (AREA)
• EU project participation

Action Renewables News

Oct 3, 2016

BATTERIE was an EU Atlantic Area project established in January 2012. Its purpose was to improve the cooperation and links between various transport services within the Atlantic Area region and to promote the application of smart technologies and usage of alternative fuels. The project started ran for three years in cooperation with eleven full partners and two associate partners of the Atlantic Area Region, i.e. the UK, Ireland, Scotland, France, Spain and Portugal. The main objective of BATTERIE was to establish the impact of applied smart technologies (e.g. E-Journey Planning) and alternative fuels and to design scenarios and models of changes to policy, behaviour and transnational strategies in order to help optimise transnational trips for passengers. Other activities included screening and modelling the availability, future development, costs and environmental impact of using smart technologies and alternative fuels and establishing pilot networks and demonstration of best practice in this sector. The most significant output was the Web Based Journey Planning Tool. The Journey Planning Tool is the first in the world to be made available to be public, to allow them to plan a journey in an electric vehicle. Journey planning tools exist all over the world now, for people to plan a journey using a car, bus, plane, train and on foot. Until now, electric car owners who wanted to plan their journey would have had to do it manually either using maps or in ‘real time’ using ‘SatNav’. This takes time, may not be accurate, and does not provide any real-time link with charge points which may not be functioning correctly. The BATTERIE web based Journey Planning Tool is linked to public transport and allows intermodality planning. It allows the driver of an electric vehicle to plan a journey in a matter of seconds. It is also hoped that this will help to alieviate some of the feelings of ‘range anxiety’ which potential buyers have cited as a reason for not purchasing an electric vehicle. It can be seen at
Apr 10, 2016

Action Renewables Renewable Energy Association (AREA) will launch on 27th April at Riddel Hall, Belfast AREA is the catalyst for transition to a renewable future, and is the sole body representing the entire renewable energy sector in Northern Ireland. It aims to organise individuals and groups within the renewable energy sector, establish a collective voice, then use it to lobby Government and address the growing policy vacuum. AREA has a vision for Northern Ireland which has a thriving local economy; a protected environment; fuel price stability; energy security and sustainable jobs powered by renewables. If you would like to register to attend please send an email to
Mar 11, 2016

Local businesses and organisations who are paving the way for a ‘green’ future for Northern Ireland have received commendations from Action Renewables at the leading renewables industry awards, the annual Action Renewables Awards. Praised for their work in furthering the renewables industry locally and displaying outstanding renewables practice, winners from across Northern Ireland were announced at the best-attended awards luncheon yet for Action Renewables, with over 170 guests in attendance at Titanic Belfast. Now in their seventh year, the prestigious Action Renewables Awards were sponsored by Vayu Energy for the second year running, with additional sponsor support from Tughans Solicitors, a long-time partner of the event, and the Department of Environment, who joined this year’s awards in a show of support for the local renewables industry. Speaking on behalf of Action Renewables, Director Michael Doran said, “Renewables are no longer looked at as an option for local businesses and are quickly becoming a necessary part of forward-thinking business practices. Based on the growing interest in our annual awards, it is evident that more and more local organisations are harnessing the power of renewables, and we are delighted by the increasing popularity of our annual awards, which recognise those who are taking advantage of renewable technologies.” Following the launch of their business into Northern Ireland, Mary Rossiter, Vayu Energy said, “It’s important to show our support for those who are embracing renewables on a local level, and we are proud to have partnered with Action Renewables for the second year to sponsor the annual awards luncheon. As a supplier of 100% green electricity, we encourage all local businesses to seek ways of cutting costs, reducing carbon emissions, and decreasing their reliance on imported fuel sources by ‘going green.’” “Every year we are impressed by the level of entries to these awards, “added Maria O’Loan, Planning and Environment Partner, Tughans. “Tughans has been a sponsor of the Action Renewables Awards for a number of years and have witnessed the shift in entries to include more and more community groups and the third sector. Renewables are quickly becoming the go-to solution for responsibly fueling Northern Ireland.” Winners were chosen by an independent judging panel of industry experts and leaders in the renewables field across Northern Ireland including Carol Forster, Operations Manager, NIEL; Jim Kitchen, Director, Sustainable NI; and Andy McCrea, Renewable Energy Consultant and announced at a gala luncheon on Friday 31st March at Titanic Belfast.

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They have been most helpful for me in all aspects of my solar project. Thanks again.

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