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Harry McKendry
028 92 270 101
07544 387 473
8 Enterprise House, Lisburn Enterprise Centre,
Enterprise Crescent, Ballinderry Road
County Antrim
BT28 2BP

About The PVC Repair Company

The PVC Repair Company carry out a range of repairs and replacements to PVC windows and doors. We are based in Lisburn and service the surrounding areas.
We provide a fast, reliable service and carry out our work to a high standard of cleanliness and with respect for our clients’ property – however don’t take our word for it, see for yourself what our customers say.

What we do!
  • Replace Double Glazed Units
  • If your double glazing has ‘misted up’, or you have a broken pane, or you simply want to upgrade your glazing to more thermally efficient units, we can help. We replace double glazed units in windows, doors and conservatories.

  • Window Repairs
    • Hinges & Seals
    • If you feel draughts around your windows, or the sashes don’t close properly, it usually means the seals are worn and/or the hinges are worn or broken. We can provide a straightforward solution to these problems by replacing either the seals or the hinges - or in some cases, both!
    • Locking Mechanisms
    • If your window is jammed shut, or the handle turns but doesn’t open the sash, then it is likely the locking mechanism is broken. Again help is at hand, as we can release the jammed window and fit a new mechanism to return your window to working order.
    • Handles
    • If your window handle is broken it can easily be replaced. There are many styles of handles to choose from, in a variety of colours to match your existing handles and the colour of your window frames.

  • Door Repair
  • We carry out a number of different repairs and replacements to PVC doors including the following:
    • New Handles
    • You can choose from a number of different styles to suit your existing door.
    • Adjusting or replacing keepers
    • Sometimes your door doesn't close properly or catches on the frame as it closes. Usually a few adjustments will cure the problem. One issue might be a damaged door keeper which needs to be replaced, or an adjustment may be required to its position to engage the latch.
    • New Locks
    • Euro cylinder locks are found in just about every PVC door. Through general wear and tear they develop problems such as the key only working in one side, or the key sticks, or the key simply doesn't turn the lock at all. These issues usually result in the cylinder having to be replaced.
    • New Multipoint Locking Mechanism
    • If the multipoint locking mechanism on your door doesn't work, or is faulty, it can generally be replaced. There are many different types available - so contact us for further information.

  • Door Panel Replacement
  • You can choose to change the look of your PVC front door, or back door, by simply replacing the middle panel. There’s no need to remove the entire frame, with all the associated disruption – the center section can be removed and a new one of your choice put in. There are many styles available, ranging from 4 or 6 panel solids to many glazed versions, including leaded glass. The panels come in a range of colours to suit the existing door frames – white, mahogany and oak being the most popular.

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Reviews of The PVC Repair Company

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j rea
I phoned pvc repair company after being messed about by two other companies who said they would call out but didn't bother,
repair was carried out on door handle quickly and they did an excellent job. customer service was excellent and I would recommend to anyone. many thanks
The PVC Repair Company 5 out of 5 based on 1 ratings. 1 user reviews.

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