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About Ace Insulation

More than 30 years of insulating homes in Northern Ireland
Working with domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial clients, we use leading spray foam insulation products to keep your property warm and energy efficient.

Our client-base encompasses all of Northern Ireland.

BioBased insulation installers
We are certified installers of this superior insulation product. Made from soybean oil - a rapidly renewable resource - BioBased insulation is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and completely airtight. What's more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee - surely demonstrative of its sheer quality.

A range of insulation options
We also install market leading spray foam system, Walltite, in addition to a range of DIY products, including X-Pandi foam.

Spray foam offers many benefits, from lower bills (up to 30% and 50% reduction) and a warmer, dryer, better insulated home that displays an improvement in the quality of circulated air and an end to draughts, once and for all.

Benefits of Spray Foam
Spray foam bears several benefits when it comes to insulating your home. Whichever option you choose, there are a number of factors that will immediately become apparent. It is weatherproof and seamless, it adheres to most surfaces. It's easy to install around your home. Above all, it is airtight and will help to lower your heating bills.

How does spray foam compare with traditional insulation?
Traditional fibreglass insulation allows air to pass through, resulting in increased air leakage - or draughts. Spray foam, on the other hand, prevents air from escaping your home, and blocks cold air from passing through the building, resulting in a reduction in heat loss.

Commercial & Industrial
Are your commercial premises or industrial units struggling with old, ineffective insulation?

We can help you bring your property into the modern age, with high quality, versatile and adaptable insulation products.

Cool in summer, warm in winter
Spray foam has the advantage of giving increased air tightness to any building. Easily installed, directly onto your roof, it will keep your commercial and industrial premises at an agreeable temperature all year round.

Agricultural & Marine
When it comes to storing grain and feed, the last thing you want is for damp and icy temperatures to spoil your produce.

Equally, livestock needs to be kept warm during the winter months. Spray foam insulation is perfect for metal buildings, sheds and stores, keeping out the cold and keeping the air fresh and moisture-free.
Barges and narrow boats can be notoriously difficult to keep well-insulated and warm. Spray foam benefits tremendously from the fact that it is unaffected by contact with moisture - perfect for boating enthusiasts. Its ease of installation only makes things quicker and easier for you, too.

Is it about time you reaped the rewards of a warmer home, more breathable air, and reduced moisture levels?

Spray foam insulation is perfect for domestic properties, and we have countless satisfied customers all over Northern Ireland to testify to that.
Lowering your bills from 30 to 50%

Reviews of Ace Insulation

Star Rating
David Hill
Great service. Professional, clean and efficient. Delighted with the difference in the heat in my house. Can't recommend enough!
Star Rating
Danielle Mallon
Made a massive diffence to the temperature of my house. No longer feels like as soon as the heating goes off in the house, the heat just disappears. Stays warmer for much longer. Saved us money on our home heating oil! Great job, thanks Eugene!

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