Tyreway, Belfast

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028 9024 8200
Unit 3, 97 Lanark Way
County Antrim
BT13 3BH

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Second part of review due to letter limit:I tried to insist that tyres were either not sealed properly or were faulty. The guys in attendance practicably laughed in unison at my gall to suggest such a thing. without any help whatsoever, I had to get more new tyres so I went elsewhere at which point I found out that the wheels were impossible to remove due to being tightened too severely. I returned to Tyreways and they said that they were like that but I pointed out that if they had been, they would not be able to put new tyres on in the first place. Tyreways refused to help once again. I returned to the other garage and they suggested going to a local engineer to see if the wheels could be removed there. After almost an hour, no tool or amount of force could remove any of the nuts/studs. The engineer had to use heat to eventually remove them costing another £40 for his trouble. The second tyre place removed the tyres and said that Tyreways replacements were indeed faulty but on return to Tyreways they just laughed at me and pointed to their disclaimer notice. Left with a £300 for X2 tyres I would NOT recommend going to Tyreways, EVER. If even the tyres were fine, if I ever got a puncture, I would never be able to remove the wheel to replace due to the damage Tyreways caused to the nuts/studs
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Writing on behalf of relative. X2 tyres were bought, paid for and fitted for £120. Things only got noticeable once on the way home. After a short while, the vehicle would not hold the road well as steering became very shaky. After stopping at first petrol station and checked out the vehicle and discovered that both new tyres were deflated almost halfway. Got home and made a note to go back to Tyreways to get them checked. Was unable to return the next day due to working schedule but needed regular tyre inflation's everyday due to loss of air. Returned a few days later to Tyreways. All in all, they laughed in my face quoting that once vehicle has left the premises, all responsibility was none of their concern, even pointing to the disclaimer notice on the wall. They even said that the vehicle must have mounted or rubbed up against the curb on the way home and damaging the tyres, which never happened.
Tyreway 1 out of 5 based on 2 ratings. 2 user reviews.
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