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About Gemat

The GemScan is a non-contact high precision laser based continuous thickness monitoring solution for scanning the full width of the sheet.

The GemScan can detect out of tolerance products earlier in the production process, saving you both time and money by minimising waste and reducing 'thread-up to in-spec' time. The operator can change the measuring parameters for the active line product via the on-board recipe management system and use GemScan to pin-point areas that require die adjustment to achieve a high quality and consistent output.

Delivering true real-time measurement, in-scan trend refresh, data logging, analysis and reporting, the GemScan is in a league of its own.

The bespoke designed GemScan ensures the end solution is robust, reliable and non-invasive on the line. Constructed from stainless steel and laser cut to match your particular machine, the GemScan can be fitted without making changes to existing equipment. The GemScan comes with an industrial touch-screen and is designed for easy calibration requiring a minimal footprint on the line.

The GemScan is backed up with full operator training, technical training, after sales technical support, spare parts and long term service support contracts. Our experienced engineers will be happy to speak with you to discuss your needs and conduct an on-site survey before providing you with a detailed proposal.

Reduce waste by measuring your product as early as possible in the production cycle using a GemScan measuring system.

Save money by reducing thread-up to in spec time. Improve product consistency and target the preferred area of the specification.

Simple online recipe management system allows you to change measuring parameters with minimal effort.

Micrometer error adjustment facility allows you to compensate for shrinkage during cooling and helps visualise final thickness.

GemScan clamps to your existing cooling roller side beams, following the angle the cooling rollers are already positioned at.

This ensures the precision lasers are always perpendicular to your product, giving the best measuring position.

Each system is bespoke, designed to accommodate and fit your existing equipment, achieving minimal interference with the line.

The Industrial Touchscreen and warning light stack can be positioned to Provide Best Visibility and Ease of Use for operatives.

Full site survey and consultation to ensure we provide an optimum design solution for your requirements.

Fully modelled in Solid Works for your line and analysed using Finite Element Analysis for thermal and structural stability.

In-house designed by fully qualified and experienced staff, employing state-of-the-art engineering techniques and technologies.

GemScan is precision manufactured from laser cut 4mm SS304L Low Carbon Stainless Steel. Formed using the latest CNC fabrication techniques.