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About Archaeological Consultancy Services Unit

Welcome to Archaeological Consultancy Services Unit. With over 20 years experience in the delivery of archaeological projects and services throughout Ireland, you can count on us to meet your expectations. From our offices in Dublin and Drogheda we offer a wide range of archaeological services including archaeological monitoring, environmental impact assessments, archaeological impact assessments and full archaeological excavation to clients including local authorities, government bodies, construction industry professionals and private individuals.

If you have a project in any part of Ireland that involves an archaeological element then contact us today for professional advice and a no obligation competitive quotation.

Archaeological Monitoring
Archaeological Monitoring is usually carried out where a development occurs in proximity to a known or suspected archaeological site and where prior assessment is not possible due to the presence of existing buildings or the scale of a project is such that it could impact on previously unidentified archaeological remains. It is normally requested as a condition attached to a grant of planning permission by the local authority. It involves an archaeologist maintaining a watching brief while groundworks are taking place in order to identify and record any archaeological remains that may be present.

Archaeological Assessments
Archaeological Assessments are generally always carried out in advance of construction and are usually requested by a condition attached to a further information request or grant of planning permission. Though archaeological assessments can take the form of non intrusive desktop research and site inspections, they more often tend to include advance archaeological testing across the footprint of the development where machine or hand excavated test trenches allow for the early identification of archaeological deposits. This allows an informed decision to be made as to how best to deal with any discovered archaeological finds or features before construction work commences or planning permission is granted.

Archaeological Excavation
Archaeological Excavation is generally carried out as a last resort as preservation in situ of any archaeological remains discovered is the preferred option. Unfortunately many sites cannot be preserved due to design issues and full archaeological excavation remains the only option by which we can preserve a record of the site. All archaeological excavation in Ireland can only be carried out by professional archaeologists working under licence from the Department of Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht.

Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessments are carried out in advance of a planning application for a development and are designed to identify at an early stage the potential constraints to the development and the impact that the proposal will have on the environment. An archaeological component helps identify all known archaeological constraints and the potential for unknown sites or features to be discovered. Archaeological Consultancy Services has extensive experience in the preparation of the archaeological component of Environmental Impact Assessments and we have provided expert witness at Oral hearings and in the courts on behalf of our clients.

Archaeological Surveys
In addition to our main range of services we offer full Topographic, Archaeological & Geophysical surveys by highly experienced professionals. Contact us today for an immediate quotation.

Contact Details:
Belfast: Suite 545, 21 Botanic Avenue, Belfast, BT7 1JJ.
Tel: 028 91897967

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