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Susan Finlay
028 90 484 040
07740 090774
5 Summerhill Parade
County Down

About Owenbeg Dog Behaviour

Owenbeg Dog Behaviour offers 1-1 consultations and individually tailored behaviour modification programmes.

The Difference between a Dog Behaviourist and a Dog Trainer
For a Dog Behaviourist the goal is to assess each dog’s individual behavioural problems and help to modify the behaviour through desensitisation and counter conditioning, using positive reinforcement. Behaviourists encounter dogs that have already developed some type of negative, unwanted or inappropriate behaviour. A dog behaviourist seeks to identify and treat the root cause of the behaviour; like therapists for dogs.

Dog Trainers focus on different aspects of canine behaviour. A Dog Trainer is more like a teacher or coach. They equip dogs with the tools they need to perform in a variety of situations, from basic obedience to agility and more complex services.

The role of the Dog Behaviourist is to advise, help and support owners whose pets have developed inappropriate behaviours. This is different from the training offered by Dog Trainers. Behavioural problems include, but are not limited to, such things as aggression towards people, dogs or other animals, destructiveness, toileting problems, inappropriate vocal behaviour and fears and phobias.

Dog Behaviour Services

I am first and foremost a Dog Behaviourist, as opposed to a Dog Trainer.

I work on a one to one basis with dogs and their owners in order to remove or modify unwanted or problem dog behaviour.

I also design individually tailored programmes for the owner to work with depending on the individual dog and the behaviour that we are trying to modify.

1-1 Consultations
I meet with you (and your dog) to discuss the issues with you. Ideally I will want to see the dog in its own home environment in order to assess the situation and devise the best possible behaviour modification programme for the individual dog.

Individually Tailored Dog Behaviour Modification Programmes
I design and deliver individually tailored programmes for owners and dogs. I work with you as the owner to ensure that you are comfortable and confident around the delivery of any ongoing behaviour training needs with your dog. At the end of the session I will supply you with a clear understandable written programme for you and your dog to follow to ensure long term success.

Ongoing Support
Following the initial consultation and session(s) I offer follow up support to owners.

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