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07565 481897
3 The Meadows, Crossgar
County Down
BT30 9GT
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About Drone Pilot Training Academy

We offer a drone pilot training course through a company called 3iC. Courses are delivered in association with 3iC Ltd NQE No 0116/1625 to train to be a Commercial Drone. Drone training flight ground school offering tuition for new drone pilots and those wishing to become commercial drone pilots in Northern Ireland.

3iC PfCO Commercial Drone Training Flight Ground School Assessment
3iC PfCO Commercial Drone Training Ground School Flight assessment, Belfast Northern Ireland designed to give you practical knowledge and experience to prepare for flying the CAA PfCo practical assessment carried out by a local professional qualified drone Instructor and Assessor.

If you want to use Unmanned Aircraft (Drones) for any purpose where you will receive payment or valuable consideration for your work, you require a ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’ (PfCO) issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). There is no way round this!

We deliver the most simple and flexible CAA accredited PfCO training solution in the UK. Our unique commercial online drone training course will help you to quickly obtain your PfCO licence and get your drone business off the ground. We have no hidden charges!

Drone Services
I provide a range of professional drone services to meet your needs. I promise to provide every service with a smile, and to your highest level of satisfaction. All the drone services you need, in one place.

Drone Pilot Deploy offers aerial a range of subjects, recording you and your team in action. I am able to capture views and angles that are normally only available to professional teams.
As a CAA Permission holder & PfCo qualified drone pilot I can provide a 4K video and photo gallery that showcase your true spirit. Get in touch with me to discuss your requirements or to get a free no-obligation quote.

  • Aerial Property Photography for Estate Agents
  • Aerial Storm Damage Inspections
  • Private Aerial Photography
  • Wind Turbine Inspections
  • Construction Building Inspections
  • Roof Inspections
  • Farm Aerial Inspections
  • Solar Panel Aerial Inspections
  • Land Aerial Inspections
  • Drones in Agriculture
  • Educate our children in Northern Ireland Drones for Schools

Drones in Agriculture
Agremo is an intuitive agricultural sensing and analysis platform for drone operators, farmers and consultants. Together, we create actionable insights that drive costs down and improve crop performance. By provision of an early insight into a visualized, user-friendly, geo-referenced map of a field, we analyze and provide a full range of stats: plant counting, plant health tools and stress detectors that enable precise yield increase and increase of overall profit.

DJI Flight Simulator
Drone Pilot Training Academy offers professional pilot training software using DJI’s leading flight control technology to recreate the natural flying experience. Drone Pilot Training Academy has acquired a
#DJIFlightSimulator for drone pilot training.

The procurement of this simulator will assist with delivery of drone training courses to allow for the development and delivery of specific drone training. The DJI Flight Simulator is a groundbreaking pilot-training solution, providing an accessible, intuitive and realistic learning experience.

Drone Pilot Training
Robert from Drone Pilot Training Academy qualified as a practical drone instructor and assessor on 1st October 2018 and has partnered with 3iC to deliver drone training for students. Courses are delivered in association with 3iC Ltd NQE No 0116/1625, one of the best drone pilot training courses available in Belfast and across Northern Ireland.

Our drone pilot training course includes night permission, ops manual support & application to CAA support. Robert Dobbin is the only 3iC Drone Pilot Instructor and assessor in Northern Ireland.

Search & Rescue
We can find your pet, and once this knowledge is attained, rescue operations can be launched. We are proud to offer this drone service for pet owners who need to find lost animals quickly. This is why we support the Ardglass Search & Rescue Team, and Drone for SAR for Lost Dogs UK on Facebook.

You can donate here - Facebook SAR for Lost Dogs UK
To find out more about our search and rescue services, contact us today

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