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0333 772 1321
Level 3 River House,
Castle Lane
County Londonderry
BT51 3DR

About HN Business Consultants


Your business is our business. We believe in helping make the goals of your business a reality. Our consultants are experienced in banking, business development, management and insolvency and are able to provide you with a comprehensive and inclusive service tailored to your needs. As a business owner we understand you wear many hats, even a successful established business requires both management and staff to be able adapt to new situations in order to thrive. Change can be good but can sometimes take us by surprise. In an ever changing market the astute business owner will be able to identify when they need to take action for the benefit of the business and their team.

Is This You?...
  • Would your business benefit from the experience of a personal consultant to help develop and cultivate your business ideas and plans to ensure its continued success?
  • Do you need to replace a business critical member of your team at short notice and are concerned of the financial impact upon your business?
  • Is your business understaffed at a senior level and in need of immediate help on a short term basis?
  • Are you too busy to review your teams' development and the business's processes and policies?
  • Need to improve cashflow but can't find the time to manage your customer accounts effectively?

As a business owner you need to act now if you answer YES to any of these questions. Delaying or failing to seek help and advice could result in unnecessary cost and impact to your business.

Don't worry we can help...
Your personal business consultant will work with you to review your business needs whilst also considering cost effectiveness and profitability. We can guide you and give you the practical support to review your teams' development and diversity maximising their full potential. Personal consultants can fill the positions of key team roles within your business at short notice lessening any financial impact whilst ensuring continuity and stability. With no business too small, we provide an affordable solution for today's growing business.

The Technical Stuff
Whether you're just starting out or looking to restructure we've got you covered. Our mantra is: analyse, identify, mentor, execute. Our mission is to create relationships, not transactions. We will be there, as questions or issues arise, every step of the way.

Our Expertise
With substantial professional experience in many areas we can share our knowledge to help your business be the best it can be. We have links and contacts in accountancy, HR, banking and finance ensuring you have all the tools you need to support your business.

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