UK internet access flourishes as dial-up competition hots up

The UK has a flourishing dial-up Internet access market that offers a wide range of unmetered access services at competitive prices, Oftel confirmed in a report published on July 30.

Oftel has set out its initial conclusions on the level of competition in the dial-up narrowband Internet market, and is now consulting on these views.

In a consultation document published on Tuesday, the review highlights that 10 million households have Internet access – up from six million a year ago, 35 per cent of households choose some form of unmetered Internet access package, consumers have some concerns about the quality of customer service they receive and the availability of information to enable them to chose the right package.

Oftel sets out its initial conclusions from its review of three markets: dial-up narrowband retail Internet access, wholesale call origination and wholesale Internet call termination.

Oftel considers that competition is effective both in the retail and wholesale Internet call termination markets. While wholesale call origination is not effectively competitive, there is already regulation in place to address this in the form of a cap on BT’s charges and Oftel’s FRIACO direction.

Oftel will now consult with the industry and consumer groups before reaching final decisions on whether action is needed to promote further competition in either the retail or wholesale markets.


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29 January 2002
Oftel reports 45% of UK homes have Internet access
Latest figures from the telecommunications regulator Oftel have revealed that 45 per cent of UK households are connected to the Internet, compared to a figure of 30 per cent at the same time last year. Oftel's review, of the Internet market, which shows that 11 million homes across the UK are connected, was published on Tuesday January 29.
21 February 2002
Oftel urges BT to cut internet costs
Telecommunications regulator Oftel has recommended that BT slash their costs for unmetered Internet access. Oftel wants BT to cut the amount it charges Internet service providers to use their existing telephone network by seven per cent.
27 October 2003
Half of all UK homes connect to Internet
Half of all UK homes now have Internet access, according to new consumer research published today by Oftel. The key findings of the research show that 12.5 million UK households are now on-line, with 750,000 new connections over the last three months.
07 February 2002
BT plan to cut broadband access prices
Plans have been put in motion by BT to cut charges for access to its broadband network, which should lead to cheaper high-speed internet access in the UK. BT's plan to make the changes in the coming weeks are expected to give a shot in the arm to the roll-out of high-speed internet access across the UK.
27 January 2004
Internet recruitment effectiveness doubles, says report
The effectiveness of the Internet in the recruitment process has doubled since 2000, according to research commissioned by recruitment group Reed. The research showed that more than two thirds of HR commentators (72%) now feel that the Internet is an effective recruitment medium, compared to 42% in 2000.