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Maintaining your dental health is a significant part of your daily routine. A healthy mouth prevents a great deal of other health issues; so we want to help you find a well-suited dental practice. At 4NI, we scout out outstanding local dentists in Northern Ireland so you don't have to. Whether you live in Belfast or further afield in other parts of the country, discover a dentist you can count on right here.

It's incredibly important to pay regular visits to your dental hygienist not only to protect your teeth, but to also prevent common issues like gum disease. It's in all our best interests to avoid the pain associated with bleeding gums and wobbly teeth. As well as offering a check-up and treatments, dental practitioners also supply you with specialist instructions and regimes for oral care at home.

Dental surgeries across Northern Ireland all have the same goal - to bring out your best smile. It's widely known that smiling can be a powerful thing. That being said, the way your teeth look can really boost your self-confidence and have an impact on your mood and emotions. We're not saying that a good set of teeth is the be-all and end-all of positivity in life, but it can certainly help.

Primarily, dentists are there for your health; services and treatments often include check-ups, teeth cleaning and polishing, orthodontic care, fillings, crowns, root fillings and canals, and tooth removal. Due to growing interest in achieving the 'perfect smile', dental practices also offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments - including teeth whitening, dental implants, dentures, and porcelain veneers.

To help make sure you find the service you need, 4NI are committed to sourcing as much information about each dental practice as we can. Where possible, we include information about the dental surgery, treatments they provide, reviews, rating and relevant contact details.

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