Wales' Measles Epidemic 'Is Slowing Down'

Medics in Swansea have said the measles epidemic in the town is now slowing.

However, they added that there are still too many young people not protected against the disease.

According to Public Health Wales (PHW), six new cases have been reported since Tuesday, taking the number of cases in the outbreak to 1,158 since November.

More than 60,000 vaccinations have been given in total aimed at reducing the length and severity of the outbreak in the Swansea and Powys areas. Despite this, PHW said a significant number of young people between the ages of 10 and 18 still had not had the vaccine.

Health protection director Dr Marion Lyons said: "The outbreak centred on Swansea has slowed significantly, but parents should not believe this is the last we will see of measles in Wales if large numbers remain unvaccinated.

"This outbreak has shown us how quickly measles can spread between people who are not vaccinated and how serious an infection it can be.

"While we have tens of thousands of people between 10 and 18 not vaccinated, who continue to mix with one another at school and at social events, we can't rule out another large outbreak in the coming months or years."

GP surgeries are continuing to give the MMR vaccine to people who need a first or top-up dose.

In 2011, there were only 19 cases of measles in Wales.


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16 April 2013
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09 April 2013
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A measles outbreak in Swansea has reached 620 cases, as health officials warn there is no sign of the epidemic coming to an end. Latest figures show around 15 to 20 new cases being reported every day, and an increase of 32 cases last Friday alone.
18 April 2013
Measles Outbreak Now Over 800 Cases
The ongoing measles outbreak in Swansea has now increased to 808 cases. 43 more cases of the disease have been reported since Tuesday, Public Health Wales (PHW) has said. An MMR vaccination campaign was launched in schools in parts of mid and south Wales, but local health officials have said the campaign had got off to a "disappointing" start.
05 August 2009
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03 April 2013
Measles Outbreak Prompts 'Extra Jab' Call
An outbreak of measles has prompted Public Health Wales (PHW) to offer some babies the MMR vaccine seven months early. The recommendation comes after more than 400 people in Swansea were affected by the illness. In some cases, the early vaccination means children would receive three doses of MMR rather than the usual two.