Severe Flood Warnings Remain

High sea levels, strong winds and large waves will increase the risk of coastal flooding this week, according to the Environment Agency.

Severe flood warnings are in force for along the River Severn today, as high sea levels and heavy rain threaten to cause further flooding.

Since Friday evening over 87,000 homes have been protected from flooding and over 74,000 properties have been sent a free flood warning. Around 220 homes have been flooded.

Since early December, the country has faced an extraordinary period of weather and flooding. However, flood schemes have defended more than 1.1 million homes and businesses, and protected nearly 2,500 square kilometres of farmland across England.

Tuesday and Wednesday will see high sea levels combined with strong winds and large waves which will increase the risk of coastal flooding along the south west and southern coasts. Parts of Somerset are at continued risk of river flooding and groundwater flooding poses an ongoing risk across southern counties.

Following the wettest January on record in some places, further heavy rainfall this week could cause river flooding in much of the south west and southern England. The River Severn in Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire, the Frome and Avon in Dorset, the River Thames and its tributaries in Oxfordshire, West Berkshire, Reading, Slough and Hampshire and the Medway in Kent could all be affected.

Environment Agency teams out in force

Environment Agency teams are out in force, deploying demountable defences, deploying sandbags along riverbanks, clearing river blockages, monitoring water levels, and sending out flood warnings. The pumping operation on the Somerset Levels continues around the clock, with up to 2.9 million tonnes of water being pumped off the Levels every day – the equivalent of three Wembley Stadiums.

Paul Mustow, Environment Agency Flood Risk Manager, said: "Our thoughts are with those who have been affected by flooding. Environment Agency teams are working around the clock to protect homes and communities, and over 87,000 homes were protected over the weekend alone.

"With the Met Office forecasting further heavy rainfall and gales this week, and high tides set to continue, the country should be prepared for further flooding."


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