Snow forecast for UK

Snow is predicted to hit many areas of the UK this week, the Met Office has warned.

Forecasters warned that a very cold northerly wind from the Arctic would bring the possibility of snow to most areas of the UK at the end of the week.

The Met Office said that all parts of the UK could see snow at some point between Thursday and Saturday. Northern and eastern Scotland and eastern England are likely to experience the worst of the weather, but forecasters have also predicted that places such as Wales, Northern Ireland, the Midlands and south-east England could also be affected.

Forecasters said that up to 20cm of snow could fall on high ground, with 2 to 5cm expected on lower levels in the worst affected areas. However, the Met Office said that with strong winds leading to blizzard conditions, widespread drifting of snow was likely.

The Met Office said that the severe weather was “certainly consistent” with recent forecasts of a colder than normal winter for Britain this year, but stressed it was “far too early” to say if the country would have a cold and snow Christmas.

However, forecasters said that such a cold spell in the UK in November was “certainly unusual”.

Earlier today, the Highways Agency warned drivers to take extra care, as fog patches and freezing overnight temperatures are predicted for many parts of England over the coming days.

The Met Office warned that fog could present a hazard on the UK’s roads during Tuesday and Wednesday, especially in southern areas. The fog is expected to be patchy, so drivers have been warned to be extra cautious because of sudden reductions in visibility.

Low overnight temperatures have also been predicted to reach freezing levels after dusk and, as the temperatures drop, the fog is expected to form in dense pockets.

The Highways Agency has advised drivers to check for up-to-date information on weather and road conditions before they set off, as well as during their journey.

The Highways Agency recommends that drivers keep warm clothes, food and water, boots, de-icer, torch and spade in their car, in case of breakdowns.

Drivers are also urged to allow more room to slow down and stop, use the highest gear that they can and avoid sudden braking, acceleration and sharp turns.

Further information is available from www.highways.gov.uk and www.metoffice.gov.uk .


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