Maddy Home For Christmas?

As Portuguese police reportedly prepare to wind down the official search for kidnapped Madeleine McCann, the private agency being paid from funds donated to the Find Madeleine campaign is making real progress and even suggesting the child could be "home before Christmas".

The boss of Metodo 3 – which is being funded to the tune of £50,000 a month to keep the desperate search alive – has told a Spanish newspaper he knows who has taken the four-year-old and is putting together information for the police so they can make arrests.

Francisco Marco, the private detective insists the missing child is alive and being held by paedophiles in Spain, Portugal or north Africa.

Marco said: "I hope she'll be back with her parents before Christmas.

"We have proof of her movements after her kidnap and we know she was alive the day after her disappearance. We are not certain she left Portugal.

"I talk of certainties because we know which group may have her or could have kidnapped her to then sell her on to others. We know who kidnapped her.

"In principle we're talking about paedophiles. One of the things that makes us believe Madeleine is alive is every day she's worth more to them.

"A professional kidnapper would have done something with Madeleine by now. He would have given her back or left her.

"I cannot say who she is with because we are putting together conclusive proof we can present to the authorities so they can proceed with their arrests.

"God willing, I hope that she will be back with her parents before Christmas."

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell said that the family was "pleased" the agency was so confident.

He said: "Metodo 3, the private detective agency we are employing to help find Madeleine, retains our full confidence.

"Clearly Kate and Gerry are kept informed of all major developments, though they are not informed of every twist and turn in the inquiry day to day," he said.


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14 October 2013
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