J&S Staircases, Ballymena

J&S Staircases Contact Details

Stephen Cunning
028 2765 7091
028 2765 7091
71a Bridge Road,
County Antrim
BT44 9EF

About J&S Staircases

J & S Staircases are a small family run business solely manufacturing timber staircases. We are situated between the towns of Ballymoney and Ballymena. Everything produced is made entirely in our own workshop, therefore we have control of the quality of the staircases we produce.

When you visit you actually get onto the workshop floor. There you see first hand the way the stairs are made. There are usually one or two of our customers' stairs awaiting fitting on display which can be viewed.

We can either supply only or give you a complete start to finish job, which includes spraying them with a hard clear lacquer. A variety of timbers are used such as Redwood, Yellow Pine, Mahogany, American Ash and American Red Oak.

Every staircase is as individual as the people they are made for. So to us there is no such thing as a standard staircase.

We design and manufacture some of the finest staircases you will ever see. Each staircase is individually created and handcrafted to your specific requirements and taste.

Using only highest quality imported timber, our craftsmen turn your ideas into a staircase which you will be proud to have admired as the centrepiece of your home or business premises.

The high standards have been achieved through dedication and a continuous commitment to quality by the partners, whose expertise in wood craftmanship spans four decades.

We also produce exquisite bespoke dining tables individually designed to complement your kitchen, dining room or hallway.

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