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As one of Northern Irelands longest established energy consultancies, EBSNI – (Environmental Building Solutions Northern Ireland), aims to assist architects, private customers and the construction industry by removing much of the uncertainty surrounding current building control requirements for both domestic and commercial buildings.

With fully accredited energy assessors, EBSNI will be pleased to advise and assist on any queries that may arise. These could include a wide variety of topics from liaising with Building Control to hasten approval or a simple U value calculation.

We are centrally based and will travel to your site to carry out your requirements with minimal disruption at a time that is convenient to you. Using the latest software available, we offer a flexible and convenient service engineered to provide the best and most cost-effective solution available without affecting the integrity of the results.

With approachable and professional staff, guidance and assistance is merely a phone call away.

We offer the following services across Northern Ireland:
  • SBEM calculations
  • Sap 2005/2009 calculations (both design and on construction)
  • Air Permeability testing and certification, for both domestic and non-domestic
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificates), for both domestic and non-domestic
  • Code for sustainable Homes

In the Republic of Ireland we offer:
  • BER reports and certification
  • Air Permeability testing and certification

For all commercial and private dwellings, both new builds and extensions
In Great Britain mainland, we offer:
  • SBEM calculations
  • SAP 2009 calculations (both design and on-construction)
  • On construction EPC
For all commercial and private dwellings, both new builds and extensions. Air Permeability testing and certification, for both domestic and non-domestic is available in Scotland on larger sites.

Energy Calculation & Certification Services
We offer energy calculation & certification services in Northern Ireland. Which one can we help you with?

  • DEC (Display Energy Certificate)
    Large Public Sector buildings must display a DEC. A Display Energy Certificate shows the energy performance of a building based on actual consumption as recorded annually.

  • EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates)
    Energy Performance Certificates are required whenever a property is built, sold or rented. EBSNI are fully accredited to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for both Domestic and Non-Domestic Buildings.

  • SAP Calculations (Domestic)
    EBSNI Ltd provide calculations in accordance with the design specification and offer expertise on how to implement cost effective energy efficient measures within the dwelling before works commence.

  • SBEM Calculations (Non-Domestic)
    All new non-residential buildings must comply with Part F2 of the Building Regulations Northern Ireland; the Simplified Building Energy Model (SBEM) is an approved method for undertaking Part F2 compliance calculations.

Environmental Services
We offer environmental services, which one can we help you with? Need to talk to us?

  • Electrical Thermography
    Electrical Thermographic surveys/inspections are carried out in order to highlight any potential faults in electrical equipment in order to reduce risks of systematic breakdown.

  • Thermal Imaging Surveys
    Our experienced Thermographers undertake Thermal Imaging Surveys to identify heat loss in the building fabric through issues such as thermal bridging and air leakage in order to highlight and improve such issues to increase the buildings energy efficiency.

  • Construction Noise and Vibration Monitoring
    EBSNI Ltd install noise and vibration monitoring equipment in various locations within the development to monitor levels in accordance stipulated requirements.

Air & Acoustic Services
We offer air & acoustic services, which one can we help you with? Need to talk to us?

  • Plenum Testing
    A plenum is a part of a building that can facilitate air circulation for heating and air conditioning systems, by providing pathways for either heated/conditioned or return airflows, usually at greater than atmospheric pressure.

  • Room Integrity Testing
    Room integrity testing is required from rooms where a gaseous fire suppression system is installed. A gaseous fire suppression system is a highly effective way of protecting your premises against a fire.

  • Acoustic Consultancy
    EBSNI also offers experienced building acoustic advice to Architects/ Designers at design stage through review of architectural details to identify how the elements can exceed the minimum performance standards.

  • Acoustic Testing
    Our acoustic test engineers are fully registered and certified to provide Sound Insulation Testing (Pre-Completion Testing) and reports in accordance with current building control regulations for Northern Ireland, Great Britain and the Republic of Ireland.

  • Air Tightness Consultancy
    On Site Consultancy: When low design air permeability targets are set, our experienced airtightness testers can provide on-site consultancy visits, trial testing and localised smoke investigations to ensure the best possible chance of achieving compliance.

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